Marlborough Chalk Published

Monday 3rd July 2023

The academic scholars’ project from this school year, Marlborough Chalk, is now complete and we are delighted to share the full publication with you here.

Marlborough Chalk captures and presents some of the qualities of the College, its history and its area. The title refers both to the land below and around us – the wonderful chalk downland which has sustained such rich and varied civilisations for thousands of years – as well as the tradition of pedagogy represented by the College (‘chalk’ once being pretty common in classrooms!).

In total, there are 27 articles from pupils in Shell, Remove and Lower Sixth, covering topics as varied as the chemistry of chalk and its contemporary uses, to the local Neolithic and natural landscape, to stories about the College and Old Marlburians, through to the wider world.

The project follows in the footsteps of our two Lockdown publications – ‘Beethoven in time of Lockdown’ published in 2020 and ‘In time of Lockdown: reflections on Locks, Lockdown, Isolation’ published in 2021. These brilliant publications contain many fascinating articles and original artwork by pupils and members of the Common Room.

All three exceptional works can be found on the College website under Pupil Publications.

Christopher Moule
Head of Academic Scholars, Head of History

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