Marlborough Mound Trust

Wednesday 27th September 2023

The Marlborough Mound Trust was set up in the year 2000 at the suggestion of Eric Elstob (C2 1956-60) whose vision was ‘to restore, conserve, preserve and maintain the Mound at Marlborough College and its immediate curtilage as a place of historic and public interest’ and ‘to educate the public about the archaeological and historical significance and merits of the Mound’. He left a remarkable legacy which has enabled the Trust to work for twenty years on the restoration and research of this complex monument.

Today, a new website is launching which brings this work together. Visitors to the website can explore the rich history and archaeology of the Marlborough Mound, a prehistoric monument which became a Norman castle and then a great garden feature. There are articles, images and videos, including a documentary on the carbon dating of the Mound which confirmed its Neolithic origin. There is also a section of suggested further reading for researchers interested in its history, including items that can be downloaded, some of which are not available anywhere else.

The website will be updated with new articles and information as they become available and there is the opportunity to stay connected by registering for email updates.

The new Marlborough Mound Trust website can be accessed below and we hope that you enjoy taking a look.

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