Chinese Calligraphy

Monday 9th October 2023

The Marlborough College International Society kicked off the term with an enriching Chinese calligraphy event and the celebration of the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival. Hosted in the Garnett Room, the event saw an enthusiastic gathering of over 20 pupils eager to immerse themselves in the rich tapestry of Chinese culture through calligraphy.

During the calligraphy session, pupils delved into the art of writing Chinese characters, gaining insights into stroke order and the proper use of a calligraphy brush. For those without a Chinese name, a special one was given to them, accompanied by a delightful lesson on writing it in Chinese characters on delicate rice paper.

A captivating historical narrative unfolded, shedding light on the ingenious use of mooncakes during the 13th century by the Han Chinese. These delectable treats were ingeniously employed to conceal secret messages, acting as catalysts for a revolution against the invading Mongols. This age-old tradition of embedding messages within sweet cakes or cookies has evolved into the modern-day fortune cookies we cherish.

The festive gathering extended beyond calligraphy and history, featuring an array of delightful experiences for the attendees. The International Society members were treated to an authentic taste of traditional Chinese culture with offerings such as mooncakes, dumplings, and candy, perfectly complemented by the inclusion of traditional Chinese tea.

Gratitude was extended to staff from the Chinese Department and Reverend Tim Novis, whose presence elevated the event by imparting knowledge about Chinese culture and sharing the beauty of calligraphy.

In essence, the Mid-Autumn Festival celebration at Marlborough College International Society served as a bridge connecting cultures, fostering understanding and appreciation for the diverse tapestry of our global community.

Review by Charlie K

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