Prefects’ Profiles

Monday 16th October 2023

Despite having only taking up their roles as Prefects with responsibility for Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) in September, Sophia E and Harlan H have already made quite an impact.

Black History Month, which recognises and celebrates the invaluable contributions of black people to society throughout history, has offered the perfect springboard from which to engage the Marlborough community. Events have included talks in assemblies, special Chapel services, celebratory wrist bands and a Caribbean theme night in Norwood Hall.

Harlan explains: “The theme night proved especially popular and it generated a really positive atmosphere. The menu featured some of my family’s recipes and music by Caribbean artists was played.

“It’s been pleasing to see an increase in the appreciation of different cultures and that’s all part of what we are trying to achieve in our role as EDI Prefects.”

Sophia further endorsed the approach to engaging pupils in such initiatives. She commented: “Putting events on which pupils can look forward to increases involvement and I think that is what we achieved with the recent theme night in Norwood Hall; everyone likes food and it certainly brought everyone together!”

Sophia stepped up to the role of EDI Prefect having previously founded the Pupil Diversity Society. Now in her fifth year at Marlborough, she is well-placed to offer a pupil’s perspective.

She said: “The role has expanded from just focusing on diversity, to a wider remit of inclusion and trying to ensure the pupil-body is educated a bit further with regards to race and cultural appreciation.

“We have discussed the possibility of creating EDI Ambassadors with the aim of gathering opinions throughout each year group. The Marlborough Difference Campaign has helped create more awareness of different backgrounds and we are working to ensure an environment where pupils from any background can join Marlborough and not feel out of place.”

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