New edition of Inspire

Tuesday 28th November 2023

We are delighted to share the latest edition of Inspire, the College’s academic scholars’ magazine.

It contains a breadth of accessible, independently researched articles on topics chosen by the authors who come from Shell, Remove and the Lower Sixth. The Lower Sixth editors are Dani L, Xanthe H-E, Milly G and Tilly G.

This edition tackles some fascinating questions and considers some topical issues. The full content list is:

Can climate change possibly lead us towards another global pandemic? Amber D

Can food allergies be psychosomatic? Tabitha M

Motivation Tallulah B

How to build a Dyson sphere Sebastian G

Imagism Idris S

What is the significance of the Northern Lights? Zara S J

When did the monarchy lose its power? Edward G

Sir Nicholas Winton Lottie J

How did the geographical position of Venice influence the art in the Renaissance? Tilly G

Should Cosmetic surgery be classed as a necessary procedure? Anabelle R

Why do we forget? Lily I

Forging civilization: How fire has shaped humanity William F

Surely the news is a good thing? Carolina R

What is the Svalbard and why is it Important? Sasha B

Why do we have dreams and nightmares, and what do they mean? Sophia B

Is it ethically justifiable to use persuasive techniques, such as behavioural nudges, to influence individual choices and behaviours in society? Talitha S

We congratulate everyone involved in this edition and look forward to the next publication.

Please click here to find the latest edition.

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