Study Hub Launches

Tuesday 14th November 2023

Archie S and the Upper Sixth Marlborough Mindset leaders have launched a new pupil-led initiative aimed at providing academic support to our Lower School pupils.

Now open and based in the Memorial Library classroom, the ‘Study Hub’ involves members of the Sixth Form helping Lower School pupils for an hour during Studies (5:30pm to 6:30pm), twice a week, on any work they might be struggling with. Tuesdays is for essay-based subjects and Languages, and Thursdays for Maths and Sciences.

As the team say, they can help any Lower School pupil who is:

  • Struggling to understand a topic
  • Finding it difficult to get on top of work
  • Stuck on a specific question or prep
  • Needing help catching up on work
  • Not sure how to revise
  • No matter the size of your problem, we will tackle it together and provide you with the resources and tips on how to manage things.

The Heads of Department have given this initiative their full support and Upper School pupils who excel in their subjects have eagerly signed up. These pupils will provide help on a wide range of subjects and will be available to help the Lower School with everything from understanding topics they don’t know, helping with preps, to study and revision skills.

Archie said: “The Upper Sixth Marlborough Mindset Leaders and I are committed to creating an environment where pupils are proactive in improving academically and where they aim high. The Study Hub will play a helpful role in achieving this.”

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