Finance Careers Talk

Tuesday 5th December 2023

On Monday 27th November, a fascinating discussion on ‘Finance and Wealth Management’ was held to launch the Futures Department’s new series of careers talks. The invited speakers were current parents: Hilton Nathanson, Chairman and Founding Partner from Marble Bar; James Campbell-Gray, Investment Director from Rathbones; and Peter Michaelis, Head of Sustainable Investment from Liontrust. We are enormously grateful to them for inspiring all those present and sharing their career insights.

Lower Sixth pupils, Daisy L J and Alfie I, have provided the following review of the evening’s events:

Alfie: The ‘Finance and Wealth Management’ talk offered an array of articulated judgements from the three highly successful visitors. Each speaker offered expertise and unique insights, fuelling a rich, collaborative discussion among the 40 or so attendees. Hilton Nathanson’s deep knowledge of the industry, coupled with his proficiency at engaging and captivating the audience, helped ignite the interest of everyone present. James Campbell-Gray’s brief, yet informative presentation provided insights into topics such as the average daily itinerary of an investment director, or the potential routes one could take to maximise the possibility of being successful in what are immensely competitive post-graduate job openings in the field. Peter Michaelis’ explanation of ‘sustainable investment’, shedding light on the importance of considering environmental, social, and governance factors in investment decisions, highlighted the ever-growing interest among investors about where their money goes. The guests’ willingness to ‘go the extra mile’ and engage with attendees on a personal level demonstrated their commitment to ensuring everyone left with a broader understanding of the topics discussed. I believe their friendly and approachable demeanour allowed participants to feel comfortable asking questions, facilitating a productive event with an inclusive atmosphere.

The dinner prior to the talk offered an unparalleled opportunity to talk to the guests individually in a cordial, more intimate environment. From my perspective, being invited to join the dinner with Hilton, James, and Peter, meant we were able to receive a preliminary introduction to each of their backgrounds and responsibilities. The slightly less formal nature of the meal facilitated organic discussion, providing myself and the other pupils present with the chance to ask specific questions about areas of our personal interest. In conclusion, I believe both the precursory dinner and the talk were highly informative, sincere, and thus successful.

Daisy: Last night, I was fortunate to have a beautifully prepared supper with James Campbell-Grey of Rathbones, Hilton Nathanson of Marble Bar and Peter Michaelis of Liontrust. They were very approachable, and I hope that they are aware of how appreciative I am to have had the opportunity to interact with such inspiring professionals. Due to not doing Economics or Business for A level, I was slightly concerned about my future in the financial sector. However, Mr Nathanson explained that the four most common degrees that he sees among graduates are, Economics, History, Engineering and Psychology. Also, he said that 90% of the pupils that attended the talk could find a place that suits them within the financial sector as it is such a broad endeavour. I think that having the opportunity to listen and interact with these very successful individuals was an invaluable experience. I thought that both the supper and the talk were less of an interview or talk but actually more of a ‘chat’ or conversation which I deem to be very useful and realistic to later life. The experience that each of the guests hold is something that is very unique and something that people of my age do not come across every day. The talk was enlightening, impressive and an experience which I would really like to repeat again.

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