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Thursday 14th December 2023

Prefects Nina B and Aoife G recently teamed up to run a Food Waste Week in Norwood Hall, with the aim of raising awareness across the College community of an important global issue.

At each meal service from Tuesday 21st to Friday 24th November, diners scraped their plates into food waste bins, which were weighed at the end of each sitting. The results were collated across the week with a total of 549.8kg wasted across the four days, the equivalent weight to a grand piano.

This awareness initiative was a collaboration between two Prefects with responsibility for complementary areas, Nina B (Environment and Sustainability) and Aoife G (Food).

Aoife explained: “Food waste and climate change are big issues in the world, so Nina and I thought that holding a week of action would be a great way of raising awareness. As a teenager you can sometimes feel overwhelmed by the scale of such issues, but taking little steps for positive change can make it more tangible to overcome and help us to become a more sustainable school.”

“I don’t think pupils were aware of just how much wastage there is, perhaps because the conveyor belt in Norwood takes trays through pretty quickly.”

She continued: “After speaking with the catering team, we looked at the data that showed an average of 137kg of food per day was being wasted across the four day sample. Nina and I then shared these results at year group assemblies, where we tried to encourage pupils to make small changes. For example, if each pupil wasted 10g less of food per day – that would add up over the course of a school year to make a very real difference.”

With a passion for environmental issues, Nina believes the project was a perfect opportunity for collaboration and, in her four-and-a-half years at Marlborough to date, she has noticed a number of positive changes.
“Food wastage is closely linked with the environment and as we all know, it is having a damaging long-term effect. I thought that as a school we could try to play our part and try to lessen our impact.

“Having joined Marlborough in 2019, I think pupils have certainly become more aware of the environment around us. The green spaces on campus are taken care of so well now – an example being The Mound – where the school have taken extra steps to preserve such an important natural landmark.”

She added: “The environment is changing around us and it’s down to our generation to try and make a difference.

“There is a lot of responsibility on our age group so therefore I think it is important that the pupil body understands more about these important topics.

“As a Prefect, I want to continue raising awareness of different aspects of school life where we can make a difference to ultimately benefit the environment and I think the success of Food Waste Week has helped to do just that.”

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