Rock & Pop Concert

Friday 1st December 2023

The first Rock and Pop Concert of this academic year got off to a great start with The Porter’s Daughters playing with energy and finesse, and the audience clearly loving their two opening songs. Zack S then stayed on to play and sing an expressive and heartfelt solo on his own.

Next came Nancy M with an original song, accompanied by Hector M from The Porter’s Daughters, this time on keyboards. Dusky and smoky overtones prevailed, mixed with tremendous projection and poise.

Ella T gave an accomplished, sustained musical delivery (good pitch) with Hamish M‘s sonorous cello backing (Hector again on keyboards), and Grace M then lit up the stage with ‘Lost Kitten’ by Metric with good backing vocals by Alexia M-K. Next came Edo Q with Elliot R and Ollie P in tow with a rousing rendition of The Stones classic ‘Dead Flowers’ (bravo Ollie on some good vibes on lead and some subtle Charlie Watts colours from Elliot).

Then followed another all time classic ‘Every breath you take’ by The Police with The Garden Party taking centre stage in a fine performance led by Millie A (wonderful depth and shape to her vocal sound) and Ollie P, Phoebe T, Clarenden H-T offering appropriate support throughout.

Next up was Alexia M-K, Elliot R, Ed W with the impressive Faith S on sax and vocals in Billy Joel’s great track ‘Movin’ Out’ – this was really well constructed, and the delivery had an easy manner throughout with good balance between the vocals.

Alisa A led the way with the next number with her usual impressive engagement and bounce, Alexia M-K joining her in a well matched vocal exchange with strong backing throughout from Ed W, Elliot R and Grace M.

The final act was James B, Phoebe T, Ollie P, Ed W and Elliot R in two numbers by Oasis, with James B doing a great job of echoing Liam and Ollie P the same with Noel.

A great night all round, expertly led by Mr Cox and the excellent Tech Team (Mr Butterfield, Mr Watson and Mr Jackson) and all their impressive new whizzo gadgets, bells and whistles – which by the way, sound awesome.

Philip Dukes
Artistic Director

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