Politics Society Talk

Monday 22nd January 2024

The opening event of the Lent Term for the Politics Society saw over 100 pupils in attendance for a talk by Bee Roycroft, the former Chief of Staff to Theresa May.

Roycroft, who worked for the former Prime Minister between 2006 and 2010, offered a refreshing insight into her career working in the House of Lords, with David Cameron in the Conservative Campaign Headquarters, and her time spent in the House of Commons.

Kristy Heaton, Head of Politics, commented: “We are very grateful to Bee for giving up her time to come and speak to our pupils.

“She provided a great insight into how she began her career in politics, which proved enlightening for pupils thinking about their next steps after Marlborough. She also spoke about the role of the House of Lords in the legislative process, the media and she outlined how Parliament is able to fulfil its function effectively.

“Bee was really impressed with the popularity of Politics at Marlborough and thought that pupils asked engaging and thoughtful questions. I know our pupils were really similarly impressed with her ability to answer all of their questions ranging from thoughts on Rwanda to Number 10 during Lockdown.”

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