Review: Liederabend

Thursday 25th January 2024

As the wind and rain of Storm Jocelyn were buffeting the country on Tuesday evening, so an attentive audience was being buffeted by the emotional gales and musical currents sweeping through the Adderley in the annual Liederabend – our annual concert of songs in foreign languages.

17 pupils, with representatives from every year group in the school, sang songs by 16 different composers in five languages. This was, as ever, a collaboration between the Music and Modern Languages Departments and so translations and helpful notes provided by current Lower Sixth linguists were included in the concert programme in order to enhance the audience’s appreciation and understanding of the musical settings.

Paddy C, Lily I, Lara C-S, Edo Q, Camilla G, Ben T, Ava K, Diya C, Lottie V, Daisy D, Neil S, Mimi E, Nina B, Mac P, Aoife G, Santo T and Olivia M should all be hugely congratulated on providing an evening’s entertainment which took us on a journey through the full gamut of emotions from the pain and despondency of loss, separation, regret and fear to the joy and hopefulness of love, rebirth, reconciliation and gratitude.

These young musicians with voices that are developing and maturing, with delightful and differing timbres and characters provided us with an exhaustingly enjoyable concert. They should all be very proud of their achievement. Our thanks go to Mr Brown and Miss Toomer who provided wonderfully sensitive guidance and accompaniment from the piano, and we look forward to the next opportunity to hear these talented singers in action.

David Mattinson, Head of Vocal Studies.

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