New edition of Inspire

Tuesday 6th February 2024

We are delighted to share the latest edition of Inspire, the College’s academic scholars’ magazine.

It contains a breadth of accessible, independently researched articles on topics chosen by the authors who come from Shell, Remove and the Lower Sixth. The Lower Sixth editors are Dani L, Tilly G, Xanthe H-E and Milly G.

This edition tackles some fascinating questions and considers some topical issues.

The full content list is:

Is immersive art the future or a phase?
Arabella M (L6)

Has the Yemen War been neglected by the Media?
Annabel S (Re)

The science of caffeine
Leo F (L6)

Was William Shakespeare a feminist?
Tali S (Re)

Are race-based university admissions right?
Lewis M (Re)

Why are autoimmune diseases becoming more common?
Matilda B (Sh)

Music in Nature
Santiago F (Re)

How has governmental policy Influenced the North-South divide in England?
Martha S (L6)

The impact of Artificial Intelligence on society
Ollie F (Re)

What were the main reasons behind the failure of the Spanish Armada?
Alice DRDB (L6)

The life cycle of a Star
Rhea S (Sh)

Why are all famous artists poverty stricken?
Camilla G (Re)

Which variation of communism was the most successful? 
Henry W (Sh)

Phosphorescence vs fluorescence 
James F (L6)

Why is the Mona Lisa so famous?
Daisy G (Re)

We congratulate everyone involved in this edition and look forward to the next publication.

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