New Scholars’ Project: Endless Boundaries

Monday 12th February 2024

This year’s themed publication, spearheaded by the academic scholars, is titled Endless Boundaries: Games, Competition and Play in the Human Experience.

Games were part of the fabric of daily life in the very earliest civilisations, and, in 2024, we find that it is no different. Whether it is in sporting contest with other schools or in a friendly (yet fiercely competitive) end-of-lesson Kahoot, games are a vibrant feature of life at Marlborough.

It is a fitting topic for us to explore in 2024 as the 150th anniversary of the construction of our iconic Cricket Pavilion falls in this year. The Pavilion, opened in 1874, was designed by the great Victorian architect, Alfred Waterhouse, who also designed the National History Museum.

Articles will be published in batches on our website where the publication will build over the rest of the academic year. At the end of the project, a final Endless Boundaries publication will be created to sit alongside our other exceptional pupil publications on the College website.

For launch, we have four excellent and contrasting articles. Daisy G discussed the central role of games in ancient Egyptian society; Imp P tells the fascinating story of Chess Master, Gary Kasparov taking on the World; James F provide us with a biomechanical analysis of that Jonny Wilkinson drop goal in 2003; and Leo F looks at boxing in the round, from the battles in the ring to the equally ferocious business negotiations that surround it.

You can read these articles on our Endless Boundaries webpage.

More articles will follow shortly and we very much hope that you will enjoy reading them for what they reveal about the presence and power of games, and also for how they reflect the engaged intellectual community here at Marlborough.

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