Pupil Review: Business Talk

Monday 12th February 2024

As Vice-President of the Business and Economics Society, I was very grateful when two former Marlburians, John MacDonald-Brown (B3 1984-89) and Thorold Barker (C2 1984-89) agreed to come and speak at an evening event. The talk was very well attended by the Sixth Form studying Business and Economics A levels in addition to Hundred pupils with an interest in these subject areas.

The format of the event was conversational with Thorold using his extensive journalistic skills to ask John about his unconventional career path which we learnt had seen him start off in the hospitality industry followed by property and ending up where he is today – CEO of a leading consultancy that helps businesses with their renewable energy.

Attendees found the talk to be authentic, refreshing and honest about the world of work and building a successful business. John urged pupils to be resilient, ‘expect the unexpected’ (when things don’t quite go according to plan!) and to take advantage of opportunities which pupils found to be very helpful.

Thorold’s journalism experience was very evident as he skilfully steered the conversation and helped to summarise the more technical aspects of the talk for the benefit of pupils.

Clearly, pupils found John and Thorold to be very engaging judging by the number of follow up questions at the end including a very insightful question from the Master herself!

Review by Imy S

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