Politics Society

Tuesday 5th March 2024

The Politics Society welcomed Danny Kruger, Conservative MP for Devizes, to The Garnett Room on Thursday 29th February. Mr Kruger spoke to Sixth Form pupils studying Politics and Philosophy on a wide range of topics, with pupil John G providing the following review of the evening’s events.

The Garnett Room was packed to the brim, with pupils taking up impromptu seating on desks just to have the opportunity to hear Mrs Heaton ask a wide range of questions to Mr Kruger. Mr Kruger showed his immense political skill in diplomatically avoiding charged questions even when Mrs Heaton pointed out an inconsistency between Mr Kruger’s ecological stance and his voting record regarding drilling oil in the North Sea.

Towards the end of the evening, questions were opened to the floor. Mr Kruger gamely replied to questions ranging from his controversial stances on same sex relationships to questions regarding more current news, such as the rise of the far right in Britain, or his personal stance on the Lee Anderson situation. Mr Kruger also treated the audience to an inside look into the chaos which was the SNP opposition day, providing key insights into the game of politics and leaving a far more Machiavellian impression of parliament on those present. The talk ended on a high note, with many pupils staying behind to have their go at putting questions to Mr Kruger, or simply asking for a group photo.

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