Evensong at Salisbury

Friday 26th April 2024

The Chapel Choir were given an opportunity to sing in Salisbury Cathedral on Wednesday 24th April – what a place! 

The choir sang an Evensong service, where the music included a setting of Psalm 47, Evening Canticles in C by Stanford, And I Saw a New Heaven by Edgar Bainton and a collection of Preces and Responses by William Byrd. Being at Salisbury challenged the choir to adapt to new acoustics and allowed Mr Butterfield, the College Organist, to play the glamorous Cathedral organ. The service was beautiful and singing in such a place really brought out the skill of the Chapel Choir.  

Having both come from a small prep school choir, being part of one of the best school choirs in the country is such a privilege.  Being able to have a Choirmaster so dedicated and passionate for music really drives the choir to be its best. We would never have been able to go to a Cathedral with such beauty, let alone sing there, if it were not for Marlborough and Mr Meehan-Staines.  

Thank you again to all that were involved for such an unforgettable evening.  

Review by Chapel Choir members Mathilde C-A and Issy G. 

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