Mandarin Club Outreach

Wednesday 17th April 2024

For the first two terms of Lower Sixth, Ella-Mae C, Pranya T and I have been teaching Mandarin Chinese to Year 5 pupils at Ramsbury Primary School as part of the College’s outreach programme.

It has been an honour to have the opportunity to teach these children once every week, to learn more about each other in a foreign language, and to improve our teaching skills. The topics we have taught them have included numbers, family members, animals, colours, and greetings. We did this by playing games, with prizes for those who scored the highest points as further encouragement. The pupils were eager to learn, and by the end of the two terms, we were able to have simple conversations with them!

Given that Mandarin Chinese is considered one of the hardest languages to learn for English speakers, the children did exceptionally well in learning the characters, remembering them, and constructing sentences when speaking to us. Not only was it great to help the children learn Mandarin, but it was also beneficial for us as we reminded ourselves of the basic topics and structures that we had not looked at in many years, and it has boosted our confidence in teaching. It has been so much fun teaching the pupils what we learned when we were their age, and we hope that we have inspired them to study Chinese in the future as it is a valuable skill to have!

Phoebe D

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