A Survivor’s Story

Tuesday 7th May 2024

Holocaust survivor Janine Webber BEM returned to the College on Tuesday 30th April to speak to the Shell year group. One of those pupils in attendance, Poppy F, has written the following review:

Today I was extremely lucky to be able to listen to Janine Webber’s tragic, emotional but fascinating talk about surviving the Holocaust. Janine is an amazing person who delivered a phenomenal talk. It is difficult to even begin to imagine what she went through when she was younger, and it must have been so awful. Her father was shot, her mother died of an illness and her brother was killed at the age of only seven. In her talk, she spoke amazingly considering what she was speaking about; she delivered the talk very well and she made me feel very emotional and full of sympathy afterwards.

Being afraid every single day for more than six years is almost impossible to imagine or understand. Janine had to live in a hole for a whole entire year and the strength she had was incredible. Her Aunt, who helped Janine through the war, sounds like a very strong and confident character, and I found it very interesting how, because she had blonde hair, she could get away with not being thought of as a Jew. It was fascinating how Janine built up her life after the war. Firstly, she spent a little while in Poland, but her Aunt managed to get some false documents so they could leave and go to France. Then she moved to England and got married, and now she has two sons and two grandsons.

Her talk was wonderful and she was an amazing speaker, very clear, slow, and easy to understand. All these things are very important to catch the listeners’ attention and to hold tension so the audience are constantly wondering what’s going to happen next. She delivered the talk with such strength and made it clear to us exactly what happened during the war. She had a perfect amount of suspension and expression when talking.

Janine has spoken about her story to many people and at many places so that the Jews in the Holocaust will never ever be forgotten, and every single person she talks to will spread Janine’s message. She described everything so well and it was honestly one of the best talks I have ever been to. She is such an inspiration and an incredible woman to have met. We are all so honoured to have heard her tell her story.

Review by Poppy F

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