Endless Boundaries: New Articles

Friday 24th May 2024

This year’s themed publication, Endless Boundaries: Games, Competition and Play in the Human Experience, is nearing completion and we are delighted to share six new articles. The publication is led by our academic scholars and features impressive contributions from across the year groups and from the Common Room.

Games, physical and mental, are a vibrant feature of life at Marlborough and we are exploring this topic in celebration of the 150th anniversary of the construction of our iconic Cricket Pavilion. The Pavilion, opened in 1874, was designed by the great Victorian architect, Alfred Waterhouse, who also designed the National History Museum.

In this new series of articles, Ollie F looks at traditional Chinese games which are some of the oldest games still played; Sebastian G reflects on how cultural change throughout history has affected the type of games we play; Elliot R considers how the 1972 World Chess Championships became a metaphor for the Cold War; and Eloise J reviews the evidence linking contact sports and brain trauma. Mr Moule reviews the significance of Breugel’s painting, Children’s Games, and in keeping with the Pavilion’s anniversary, Mr Bush recounts the history of cricket at Marlborough. 

You can read all of the current published articles on our Endless Boundaries webpage.

We very much hope that you will enjoy reading them for what they reveal about the presence and power of games, and also for how they reflect the engaged intellectual community here at Marlborough. 

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