New edition of Inspire

Wednesday 22nd May 2024

We are delighted to share this term’s edition of Inspire, the College’s academic scholars’ magazine.

It contains a breadth of fascinating, independently researched articles on topics chosen by the authors who come from Shell, Remove and the Lower Sixth. This edition also includes two erudite pieces by members of Common Room.

As always, this edition tackles some challenging questions and considers some topical issues in a readable and accessible way.

The full content list is:

Can we effectively predict the effects and patterns of demographic change?
Arabella M  

The scientific harmony between China and the UK
Danielle L

Why do people kill for religion? 
Virginia M

What are the benefits and drawbacks of AI in our society? 
Rhea S  

Was the Congress of Vienna successful?
Edward G

The SAT question everyone got wrong 
Imp P

Tulip or bust! – A short summary of Tulip Mania in 17th Century Holland
Annabel S

Dance of the Giants
G K W James (CR, Director of the Blackett Observatory, Astronomy Department)

Unhealthy school meals are the main reason for obesity in children
Eloise J

Some strange stories of art on the move
C A F Moule (CR, Head of Academic Scholars, Head of History)

Nuclear weapons as a deterrent in modern geopolitics
Matilda B

We congratulate everyone involved in this edition and would like to thank the outgoing editors from the Lower Sixth, Dani L, Xanthe H-E, Milly G and Tilly G, who have done an amazing job.

We look forward to next term’s publication.

Please click here to find the latest edition.

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