Nordic Art Celebration

Tuesday 28th May 2024

A very grey, May evening did not stop a substantial and appreciative audience from arriving to hear and watch a fascinating lecture recital by the pupils of the History of Art and Music departments. This yearly collaboration has explored many topics in the past, mostly concerning specific groups of artists and composers who have been discriminated against in the past. This year was different, in that it was simply celebrating and exploring Nordic art.

The art explored, covered a huge array of styles and mediums from Dalsgaard’s ‘A Fisherman’s bedchamber’ (1853) to the much loved and impressive ‘Sibelius Monument’ by Hiltunen (1967).

History of Art pupils (Dora W, Ava P, Sam G, Amber R, Ella J-B, Xanthe B, Diya C, Cecilia A, Rose G and Amelie B) all delivered interesting, contextual explanations of their chosen works of art.

In-between, musicians explored sounds of the North. Florence M, Kate L and Idris S all serenaded us with charming violin solos, displaying the natural folk element of Norway. Idris S, Olivia L and Charlotte G gave beautiful renditions of Nordic songs and it was a complete delight to hear Charlotte sing the heart-wrenching song, ‘Flickan kom ifrån sin älsklings möte’ by Sibelius in her mother-tongue of Swedish. Arthur J gave an exceptional performance of Canto Serioso’ by the Danish composer, Nielsen, on the French Horn. It is a beguiling piece, full of unsuspected twists and turns, which he managed with an extraordinary musical maturity. Three pianists took to the stage – Josh T with a playful piece by the Norwegian, Hartmann, Olivia L with the much-loved ‘Rustle of Spring’ by Sinding and the whole evening came to a close with a quite spectacular performance of Sibelius’ ‘Romance’ – played by Kevin W. He is certainly a pupil to watch in the coming years!

Next year, we will explore and celebrate the Art and Music of Russia as well as looking into the effect of an often oppressive regime. We very much look forward to seeing such an appreciative audience again.

Clare Toomer
Head of Academic Music

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