End of Year Showcase Concert

Thursday 27th June 2024

As the academic year draws to a close, and after well over 100 musical performances counted this year, the final concert was charged with anticipation and musical promise.

The Concert Band opened the evening and transported us to ancient amphitheatres, driving forward as centurions with rhythmic prowess in Roman Times by Fraser. Then playing the fabulous Port O’ Call by Sweeny, the first of many dance-themed pieces, the Concert Band announced exquisite top line playing, and a fabulous groove from the ensemble.

Something Just Like This allowed for the Junior Singers to perform a radiant arrangement of this glorious song by Coldplay. Expertly encouraged by Mr Butterfield, soaring voices coated the Memorial Hall in chorally resplendent harmony.

Warlock’s Capriol Suite, performed by the Chamber Orchestra, breathed life into the intricate dance movements of this suite, painting scenes of pastoral intricacies that echoed the beauty of the glorious weather beheld this day.

The Saxophone Quartet, playing  A Kiss in Rio and Cyclone, kept us grooving in a dance-like state, with jazzy harmonies and wonderfully tasteful extended techniques – their performance brought a small taste of Latin America to the College.

Gottry’s Circles brings rhythm to life, with intricate patterns played on both the skin and rims of the drums. The Lower Sixth Percussion Trio navigated their way through intersecting and diverging rhythms, and syncopation with ease, performing this exciting percussive piece.

Sinfonia Strings delighted us with a mixed programme, expressing their versatility as an ensemble – from programmatic music to the themes of television favourites, and even a glimpse of Italian Baroque. Depictions of icy winds, the elegance of bygone eras, and exciting contemporary pop music dowsed the Memorial Hall in string orchestra glory.

The Jazz Ensemble’s collection of upbeat and soulful pieces delivered a surge of energy and excitement to the concert this evening. The Ensemble’s improvisations transported us to smoky jazz clubs, and contributed to an exuberant performance by all.

Closing the concert tonight was the College’s Percussion Ensemble, delivering Aram Khachaturian’s Sabre Dance in a thundering surge of adrenaline and enthusiasm. Such an exciting end to a marvellous concert this evening.

With such evidence of talent, dedication to the arts, and a passion for music, the performers should be heartily congratulated as they depart for their summer break – until more music making next year!

Adam Meehan-Staines
Choirmaster and Director of Chapel Music

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