New Prefects Announced

Monday 24th June 2024

The selection process for new Prefects began in May and, those applying were asked to explain how they would make a difference in a specific area of school life that they felt passionate about. Prefect appointments have been made against 14 portfolios and the pupils named will have direct responsibility for representing the pupils’ voice in their area and bringing about positive change.

With a large number of pupils submitting applications to become Prefects, it is inspiring that so many of the current Lower Sixth are interested in and ambitious for leadership. All those who applied are to be congratulated and we are excited for what this year group, Prefects or otherwise, can bring to the College next year.

Susan Wessels
Second Master

Senior Prefects
James F, Milly G, Will S

James F, Edward G, Danielle L

Emily B, Aiden K

Edward C, Pranya T

Digital Learning
Jasper G, Daisy L J

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion
Amelie B, Buhar H

Cecilia A, George M

Food, Environment and Sustainability
Amelia G, Agatha J

Arabella M, Alexander T

Marlborough Mindset
Anabelle R, Santo T

Seraphina B-S, Theodore M, Zachary W

Performing Arts
Benjamin A, Olivia L

Madeleine D, Martha S

Flora P-D, James T

Leo F, Sophia M

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