Endless Boundaries Published

Monday 1st July 2024

The academic scholars’ project from this school year, Endless Boundaries: Games, Competition and Play in the Human Experience, is now complete and we are delighted to share the full publication with you here.

Games were part of the fabric of daily life in the very earliest civilisations, and, in 2024, we find that it is no different. Whether it is in sporting contest with other schools or in a friendly (yet fiercely competitive) end-of-lesson Kahoot, games are a vibrant feature of life at Marlborough.

Wonderfully broad in scope, Games as a theme has allowed for multi- and inter-disciplinary contributions, from both pupils and Common Room, that highlight not only the universality of games and its centrality to the human experience, but the diverse interests of the College community. We hope you enjoy the breadth and depth of these articles for what they reveal about the presence and power of games, and also as a reflection of the engaged intellectual community at Marlborough.

It is a fitting topic for us to explore in 2024 as the 150th anniversary of the construction of our iconic Cricket Pavilion falls in this year. The Pavilion, opened in 1874, was designed by the great Victorian architect, Alfred Waterhouse, who also designed the National History Museum.

This scholarly project follows in the footsteps of our two Lockdown publications – Beethoven in time of Lockdown published in 2020 and In time of Lockdown: reflections on Locks, Lockdown, Isolation published in 2021, and of last year’s academic scholars’ compendium Marlborough Chalk.

All these exceptional works can be found on the College website under Pupil Publications.

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