Admin Staff

Director of Corporate Resources & Deputy Master P N Bryan
Second Master W D L Nicholas
Deputy Head (Boarding) Lady Cayley
Director of Admissions Mrs J Hodgson
International Admissions Tutor Dr N G Hamilton
Deputy Head (Co-Curriculum) Mrs D J Harris
Deputy Head (Academic) E J Tolputt
Director of Finance Mrs H Mack
Director of Capital Projects W F Roe
Director of Development Ms J Perrins
Director of Human Resources Mrs J Barclay
Human Resources Manager Ms K Edwards
Human Resources Manager Mrs J Vaux
Director of Operations A Barnes
Health & Safety Manager Miss S-J French
Security Manager A Gashi
Head of ICT Support Mr M Armitage
Senior Examinations Officer Mrs H Hunter
Master’s PA Mrs S Nicholas
Peter Bryan’s PA Mrs S Lamb
Assistant Admissions Tutor Mrs L Smith
Administration Secretary Ms E Adams
Archivist Mrs G Lenehan
Head of Academic Enrichment Dr M J Ponsford
Head of Information Technology G B Shearn
Communications Manager Ms J Green
Guidance Department E G Nobes
Librarian Mr J Burton
Medical Officer Dr J A Campbell
Counsellor Mrs K Houghton