The Swindon Academy Partnership

Since its inception in 2004, Swindon Academy’s partnership with Marlborough College has gone from strength to strength. This partnership was established as a means of bringing together pupils from different backgrounds to learn from each other, learn with each other and to expand their subjective experiences within a trusted environment.

At its core is a vision of genuine partnership, based on shared commitment to the education and welfare of young people. It was led by Mr Nicholas Sampson, Master of Marlborough College at the time, and Sir Anthony Greener of the United Learning Trust and Chairman of Swindon Academy Council.

The partnership involves pupils from primary and secondary in a variety of educational and life-enhancing activities. Whilst located relatively near to each other, pupils come from very different backgrounds and learning takes place in entirely diverse environments. Many staff and pupils from both schools have contributed to building strong links and to ensuring that there are mutual benefits at both institutions. The partnership is making an increasingly important contribution to widening educational experiences, as well as challenging perceptions.

Currently Marlborough College employ a specialist STEM teacher, also a governor, to work at Swindon Academy. This Partnership Manager coordinates day-to-day partnership activities, as well as teaching and mentoring.

The recent establishment of a Grammar Stream within Swindon Academy has enabled both schools to further develop links by collaborating on the education of these aspirational pupils in Year 7 & 8. Pupils visit weekly for Latin/Classical Civilisation lessons, participate in extended academic visits on musical and mathematical topics, and attend College talks. In Year 7 they also are resident for a week-long Summer School.

Partnership Activities (2017/18):

• Year 7/8 Grammar Stream Latin/Classical Civilization/extended academic visits/lecture series talks/Summer School
• Two-day Year 10 Exchange
• UCAS/personal statement guidance
• Professional development for individual teachers
• Initial teacher training (United Learning + Teach First trainees) placements
• Governors (three from Marlborough College)
• Reading Buddies – College pupils visits Swindon Academy each week to participate in a successful weekly reading programme with primary pupils.
• Debating workshops
• EPQ assistance
• Specialist mentoring of individual pupils
• Regular free residential visits throughout the year in a boarding house for academic activities/enrichment
• Leadership Training for pupils from both schools
• Professional Development for teachers
• Teacher visits – teachers from both schools visit to see teaching/learning in a different context
• College facilities are used by Swindon Academy (function rooms and Chapel)
• GCSE Maths Mentoring
• Football fixtures
• Cultural/literary/astronomy/reward visits for primary school pupils
• Stuart Horne Bursaries for Academy pupils annually. These are free three-week wilderness expeditions to Canada with Outward Bound Canada
• Pupils have access to our OM network for work experiences

Colin Smith
Director of Partnerships