Pupil Publications


Inspire is our academic scholars publication. It contains written contributions from scholars across the school and is edited and produced by successive year groups of Lower Sixth academic scholars. Started in 2017, it contains a wide range of accessible, non-curriculum based academic articles.

Endless Boundaries

The lead publication from the school year 2023/24 is on Games, Competition and Play in the Human Experience. Wonderfully broad in scope, Games as a theme has allowed for multi- and inter-disciplinary contributions, from both pupils and Common Room, that highlight not only the universality of games and its centrality to the human experience, but the diverse interests of the College community. We hope you enjoy the breadth and depth of the 44 articles for what they reveal about the presence and power of games, and also as a reflection of the engaged intellectual community at Marlborough. It is a fitting topic for us to explore in 2024 as the 150th anniversary of the construction of our iconic Cricket Pavilion falls in this year. The Pavilion, opened in 1874, was designed by the great Victorian architect, Alfred Waterhouse, who also designed the National History Museum.

Marlborough Chalk

This academic scholars’ project from the school year 2022/23 captures and presents some of the qualities of the College, its history and its area. The title refers both to the land below and around us – the wonderful chalk downland which has sustained such rich and varied civilisations for thousands of years – as well as the tradition of pedagogy represented by the College (‘chalk’ once being pretty common in classrooms!). There are 27 articles from pupils in Shell, Remove and Lower Sixth, covering topics as varied as the chemistry of chalk and its contemporary uses, the local Neolithic and natural landscape, stories about the College and Old Marlburians, through to the wider world. The illustrations are from the art scholars’ project on the Mound.

In Time of Lockdown: Reflections on Locks, Lockdown, Isolation

A tremendous medley of reflections around the concepts of ‘Locks, Lockdown and Isolation’ inspired by the experience of the pandemic in 2021. 67 pupils from all year groups, beaks and members of staff contributed, with each interpreting the topic in ways that inspired them personally, making this collection of essays particularly intriguing. The final result is an ambitious and grand undertaking. There are several inspiring illustrations created especially for the publication by pupils and a series of paintings by our Head of Art, Edward Twohig.

Beethoven in Lockdown

This special pupil publication, devoted to the 250th anniversary of Beethoven’s birth, was conceived during the first summer lockdown in 2020. Arguably there was no one more appropriate to celebrate, as Beethoven was famously in a forced isolation for much of his life. More than 50 pupils from all year groups and beaks from many departments were involved in the writing, editing and illustrations for this project. The end result is a most incredible pan-College collaboration and a tangible example of true academia at Marlborough.


Piccalilli magazine was set up in 2002 by a group of Sixth Form creative writing enthusiasts who wanted to showcase the best of Marlborough pupils’ poetry and prose. Since 2006, when it was first professionally printed, the magazine has been published twice each year, in a winter and summer edition. As well as poetry and prose fiction, Piccalilli now includes artwork, prose non-fiction, interviews and reviews.