A Level & Pre-U Results

We are thrilled by the performance of the outgoing Class of 2023, who have weathered perhaps the most disruption of any cohort in the Covid era, and whose grit, ambition and determination have made them role models for pupils further down the school. They have also had an anxious time in the run-up to receiving their results, given national reports of a likely decrease in top grades.

We are proud, therefore, that this group have not only hugely surpassed the ‘2019 standard’ which has been so much talked about, but also because they have recorded the College’s most impressive scores since the reforms to A levels eight years ago.

24% of entries were awarded the top grade of A*, 61% at A*-A and 88% A*-B. 

Max Del Mar (B1 2018-23), Charlotte Greenham (MM 2018-23), Allegra Hannan (NC 2018-23), Sebastian Hebblethwaite (LI 2018-23) and Sophie Herrmann (DA 2018-23) achieved the remarkable feat of A*s in all four subjects.

15 pupils scored at least 3 A*s, 41 pupils scored at least 2 A*s and the average Marlburian leaves the College with grades equivalent to 3 As.

Each of these results, of whatever grade, represents the hard work and commitment over two years, and we are proud of each of our pupils.

Comparison by Cumulative Percentages

Cumulative %A* or D1-D2A*-A or D1-D3A*-B or D1-M2A*-C or D1-M3A*-D or D1-P2A*-E or D1-P3

Detailed Results