(I)GCSE Results

Our Hundred pupils can be rightly proud of their achievements at (I)GCSE; they have been exceptional in adapting to the challenges of academic life in and out of lockdown.

The overall outcomes for Marlburians were very strong, with 57% of our (I)GCSE results graded 9–8 and 79% graded 9–7. Five pupils achieved 9s in every subject and 40 pupils achieved 8s and 9s (A*s previously) in every subject. As always, each and every pupil should be recognised and highly commended for their individual achievements.

Particular mention must be made of Allegra H and Sophie H who each achieved an incredible 12 Grade 9s. They were two of only 16 pupils in the entire country to achieve this. Most importantly, we are thrilled to have them back in college ready to take on the challenge of A levels.

Comparison by Cumulative Percentages

The figures relating to GCSE results are for pupils finishing their Lower School education and include results from exams they may have taken early.

Detailed Results