Aims & Selection

The aim of our Admissions Procedure is to ensure that pupils who join the College are able to be happy, successful and secure within our academic, cultural and pastoral environment.

Most Marlburians join us in the Shell (year 9), where we accept 188 pupils from state, independent and international backgrounds to be full boarders. In its 970 strong pupil body, Marlborough currently has pupils from over 250 different schools resulting in a rich and diverse community. We draw pupils from the whole of the UK with 12% of our pupils residing overseas.

We occasionally admit a small number of pupils into the Remove (Year 10) and then approximately 35 pupils into the Sixth Form (Year 12).


Selection Criteria

• In accordance with our Admissions Policy, readiness to live as a boarder within a tight-knit community is a key part of our assessment.
• We are an academically selective school but value potential as well as achievement. The ISEB test forms part of our academic assessment alongside the academic aspect of reports and references received from a child’s current school.
• We also recognise the central value of Art, Drama, Music, Service and Sport and look for achievement and enthusiasm in these fields.
• We look for pupils who are prepared to make the most of the opportunities on offer at Marlborough.
• We do not discriminate on grounds of gender, sexual orientation, disability, religion, ethnicity or social background. Those looking to join Marlborough College must, however, be comfortable with our Anglican foundation. We seek to operate our Admissions procedures fairly and sensitively.


Siblings and other Marlborough connections

We value historic and family connections with the College but are also keen to foster new associations and links. We do not automatically offer places to younger siblings as Marlborough may not be the right school. However, we understand the importance to many families of educating their children in the same school, and a sibling advantage is applied to each application. There are others who have strong connections to the College such as old Marlburians and friends of the College. As with siblings, this does not guarantee entry but careful consideration of this connection will form part of the decision-making process.