Meet Our Bursary Families

These pupils and parents have proudly chosen to share their Marlborough bursary experience. The decision to discuss your bursary will always remain your choice, but if you would like to become an advocate for the bursary programme and inspire others considering an application, the Development Office would love to hear from you.

Tabitha Standish received a Sixth Form Foundation Bursary following what she describes as a 'patchy education', during which time she spent a number of years living without water and electricity on a canal boat.

Tabitha, who graduated with a First in History from Edinburgh University and holds a Doctorate from Bristol, says: 'Socially and emotionally, the combination of boarding and being around such amazing people – students and staff – enabled me to grow as a person and to broaden my horizons and aspirations. The two years that I spent at Marlborough have been the best of my life. The scholarship radically changed my life and set me on a path that would otherwise have been impossible. I am incredibly grateful to the Foundation for offering me such an opportunity.'

Tabitha is now an Associate Lecturer at Bristol University and a trustee of a charity that supports women in rural areas.

Dr Tabitha Standish-Hayes

(LI 2007–09)

Nadia, the daughter of Somalian refugees, joined Marlborough from a state school in East London. In her two years here, she excelled, securing a place at Trinity, Oxford, to read French.

'The teachers at Marlborough were amazing. You could always go to them for advice, they would go the extra mile. The support from Guidance and the French Department for my Oxford application was incredible. Mr Brown started preparing us from May so even though I was nervous when I went for the interview, I knew I was really prepared. I am loving Oxford and I owe that to Marlborough.'

As well as her studies, Nadia is already giving back as a Project Officer for the Oxford Development Consultancy, a student-run body that provides consulting services to development institutions in less developed economies.

Nadia Hassan

(LI 2017–19)

'Initially, the move from my state school in Liverpool to a private school was incredibly daunting. The change in atmosphere alone was jarring, and that was before absorbing the changes in living situation (boarding), teaching style and the pace of learning. This bizarre phase of adjustment was shortened for me, however, with help from my classmates and housemates, who were quick to make me feel comfortable,' recalls Terry.

'Academically, Marlborough not only enabled, but actively encouraged me to pursue all interests I had. I researched and presented a project on the basics of quantum mechanics, during which I had consistent one-on-one meetings with my Physics teacher. This independence was a great way of learning in all subjects. This mixture of independent thought, with the ability to converse with teachers on a personal basis if needed, is a tremendously beneficial style of learning, that I wish every student in the country could experience,' he adds.

Terry graduated with a Masters in Aerospace and Astronautical Engineering and is now working as a Graduate Engineer, not far from his home town of Liverpool.

Terry Ventre

(LI 2014–16)

Uzi joined Marlborough from a state school in Chippenham on a Sports bursary and this last year has been back at Marlborough helping with cricket coaching and tutoring in Summerfield, alongside running his own sports shop.

'This was a life-changing experience for me and as a result I succeeded in gaining a place at Cardiff University where I graduated with a First Class Honours degree in Business Management (Marketing). Not only did I learn and develop a number of life skills over my time at the College but it meant I was able to further my cricket and to earn a county contract from Gloucestershire,' says Uzi.

Uzair (Uzi) Qureshi

(B1 2007–11)

Music scholar and bursary holder Poppy M is not only an exceptionally talented musician but she is also using her talents to help others, particularly blind, partially blind and autistic children through the work of The Amber Trust. Poppy gives up much of her spare time in the holidays to help the charity and earlier this year her exceptional efforts were recognised by the Rotary Young Citizen Award and the prestigious Diana Award.

Poppy’s mum, Angie, says she would like people to know how life changing the bursary has been for Poppy.

'I am a single parent from a low-income family and until recently could never have dreamed of such a wonderful education for my daughter.  Since joining the College, Poppy has blossomed and matured. Every day is a wonderful new adventure for her and she is always smiling and happy.  So many children have talents and a potential to do well in life, but family circumstances dictate a different pathway. From the perspective of our family, I knew that Poppy had a talent but I couldn’t sustain the level of financial commitment needed for her to reach her full potential. Now, every term she achieves so much more academically and her teachers really believe in her.'

Angie M, mother of Poppy M