Fees 2019/20

Basic Fees

Boarding Fees: £38,955 per annum : (£12,985 per term)

Music Fees

The standard charge for Music Tuition on an instrument or for singing is £36 per 35 minute lesson. Parents will be invoiced termly in arrears for lessons received in the previous term; the normal expectation is that 30 lessons will be offered during the academic year.

For pupils receiving lessons on more than one instrument (including singing) the charge for all lessons received will be £34 per lesson.

For pupils receiving lessons on more than two instruments (including singing) the charge will be £33 per lesson.

In addition there is a schedule of charges for the hire of musical instruments, a copy of which is available from the Music Department.

Learning Support

Extra tuition may be provided for pupils requiring learning support. The charge for such tuition is £69 per hour. Parents will be advised if such tuition is required.

Extra tuition in English as a Foreign Language is also charged at £69 per hour.

Parents will be informed of the costs of individual assessments where these are necessary or requested.

Outdoor Activities

Outdoor Activities excursions and other off campus trips will be charged on an individual basis.