Sport Scholarships

Sports scholars automatically become members of the Griffith Society. This is a group of highly motivated and very able sporting pupils who have the potential to gain representative honours while at Marlborough.

Programme provisions:

  • Ongoing technical, physiological and psychological support from the relevant specialist coaches;
  • Flexibility to allow sports scholars to visit external coaches as part of maintaining contact with county, regional or national development squads;
  • Access to the annual Dunford Lecture, an inspirational set of presentations and practical workshops given by visiting expert coaches;
  • Termly sports scholar meetings which often involve a presentation on a particular sports-related topic;
  • Regular fitness testing;
  • A sports mentor who monitors the development and progression of each individual sports scholar and ensures a sensible balance of lifestyle at the College is maintained.

Each September, sports scholars begin the academic year with a ‘Prepare to Perform’ day. The day involves small group workshops run by specialists on injury prevention and rehabilitation, an introduction to strength and conditioning and a tailored session on core stability. The aim of the day is to set a positive performance culture to build upon for the rest of the year.