For me, a good co-curricular programme has three key elements for pupils: participation, performance and progress. Marlborough’s commitment to full boarding means that our programme has the breadth and depth of offer to ensure that all our pupils can find something to inspire them, and those who wish can pursue excellence and expertise in any given area.

Our Outreach programme aims to give all Marlburians an experience of service and to furnish our older pupils in particular with the ability to take responsibility and to pursue their own charitable initiatives and innovative ideas in the realm of philanthropy. It is vital to me that Marlburians leave knowing the importance of the wider contribution which they can make to society and having a sense that they are well placed to make a difference, and capable of doing so.

Jimmy Scragg

Deputy Head, Co-curriculum and Outreach


We believe wholeheartedly in the value of sport in a balanced life and look to ensure that it is an integral part of every pupil’s daily experience. We want all pupils to enjoy their sport, to seek excellence in their field and to maintain a healthy lifestyle. 

The Arts

The performing and creative arts form an enriching part of our community life in which all can participate. Music enhances so many College occasions, Drama is exuberant and inspiring, and the Art School buzzes with creative energy.


Our extensive Outreach programme provides opportunities to engage with the world outside school and instils the importance of contributing positively to society. It looks to foster the qualities of empathy, initiative and a sense of service to others.

Outdoor Learning

We know that young people flourish when they broaden their horizons. We offer an exciting and richly varied range of outdoor learning experiences. These help to develop the personal qualities, attitudes and skills that are essential in later life.