Community Outreach is an integral part of life at Marlborough and aims to continue a pupil’s education beyond the classroom. On Monday and Wednesday afternoons, the school is involved in activities that are of service to the community. The motto is ‘Enriching Lives Through Service’. It is expected that each pupil will volunteer at least 90 minutes of their time each week to their chosen activity.

Outreach enables pupils to:

  • foster a culture of volunteering and a willingness to give up time and effort to benefit others without expecting reward;
  • develop a sense of responsibility and compassion for those of different backgrounds and values;
  • appreciate their own strengths and weaknesses and, in so doing, develop their self-esteem;
  • be considerate, tolerant and respectful of others as they strive to establish new relationships within and outside the College community; and
  • develop their own pupil profile ready for personal statements.

Many pupils work with younger children at our local primary schools. Others volunteer at a school for children with learning difficulties in Swindon and at a local Riding for the Disabled Association.

Other activities include visits to local retirement homes and day centres where pupils have the opportunity to share experiences and connect across the generations. A conservation group (Action for the River Kennet) works to protect the natural habitat around the river and pupils are involved in other preservation projects such as tree planting and the restoration of the Marlborough white horse.

In the Summer Term, an after-school club is organised for 100 local primary school pupils who are entertained with a wide range of outdoor games and activities.