Cross Country​

Cross country running has been part of the sporting curriculum at Marlborough since its foundation. By building both stamina and mental resilience, running helps achieve a healthy mind in a healthy body as well as a lifelong awareness of the benefits of physical exercise. Our training programme aims to develop aerobic capacity over varied routes across the beautiful Wiltshire downland alongside interval routines on the playing fields for anaerobic fitness. The variety of inter-school and interhouse races encourages our pupils to challenge themselves physically through healthy competition and to take pride in their achievements and those of others. 

Julian Lloyd

Head of Cross Country Running

We use a variety of challenging courses both within the College grounds and in the surrounding countryside. 

Cross country takes place during the Michaelmas and Lent Terms. Pupils compete in interhouse competitions in the Michaelmas Term. Some qualify to represent Wiltshire via the area trials in November and the County Championships in January. Boys and girls compete in matches in the Lent Term at Under 15, Under 17 and Senior levels. Events include longer races, with distances up to four or five miles, and relays. The College has had success in these events, with Senior boys’ teams winning both the Wellington and Canford relays.