Fencing has a long established record of success at the College, including a Southern Region Foil champion and Public Schools’ Championship Foil winner as well as County foil and epee champions. It is open in the Michaelmas and Lent Terms as a sporting option to any boy or girl. Club training sessions take place twice a week at times that allow those involved in other sporting options also to compete.


Marlborough is fortunate to have a current GB coach and a dedicated fencing room with two pistes.


The Club competes on the private school circuit with regular fixtures in the Michaelmas and Lent terms. Pupils also fence in the Southern Region competitions for places in the national final as well as the Wiltshire County Championships.


Master in Charge: Mr P N Keighley

Fencing Professional: Tristan Parris, (Current GB coach and previously Head Coach, Ireland Fencing Association).