Sports Scholarships

At Marlborough, it is appreciated that sport is a core element of a balanced education and contributes towards the integrated development of mind and body. It builds self-confidence and self-esteem, enhances physical, social and cognitive abilities and improves academic achievement. By encouraging qualities such as perseverance, initiative and independence pupils experience a feeling of success and enjoyment. Physical Education encourages children to acquire knowledge of the relationship between
care of the body, well-being and an active and healthy lifestyle. The College is fortunate to have outstanding facilities and top class coaching is provided in over 30 sports.

Griffith Society

All Sports Scholars automatically become members of the Griffith Society. This is a group of highly motivated and very able sporting pupils who have the potential to gain representative honours while at Marlborough.

Programme provisions:
• Ongoing technical, physiological and psychological support through regular weekly contact with the expert teachers and coaches at Marlborough.
• Flexibility to allow Sports Scholars to visit expert external coaches as part of maintaining contact with a county, regional or national development squad.
• Attend the annual Dunford Lecture which is an inspirational presentation given by a visiting speaker who is an outstanding sporting performer.
• Termly meetings which might also involve a talk by an expert on a particular sports-related topic.
• Fitness testing at the excellent and continually improving sports facilities at the College.
• A sports mentor who monitors the development and progression of each individual sports scholar and ensures a sensible balance of lifestyle at the College is maintained.

Each September, Sports Scholars begin the academic year with a ‘Prepare to Perform Day.’ The day involves small group workshops run by specialists on injury prevention and rehabilitation, an introduction to strength and conditioning and a tailored session on core stability. The aim of the day is to set a positive performance culture for the Sports Scholars to build upon for the rest of the year; top up sessions and regular contact with mentors will keep the Sports Scholars on track throughout.

Expectations of a Scholar

• To maintain and foster a positive and winning attitude amongst their peers so acting as a role model on and off the sporting arena.
• To always strive to maximise their physical, technical and mental potential in training, practice and competition.
• To be impeccably attired and well-presented at all times.
• To support team mates and younger pupils who may be less experienced and will benefit from a Sports Scholar’s knowledge and expertise.
• To remain coachable, through proactively seeking advice for continued selfimprovement.
• To set and reach the agreed physical and technical targets as discussed in consultation with their sports mentor.
• To set and reach the agreed academic targets as set by their Housemaster or Housemistress and/or House Tutor.

The Application Process

The College offers annually up to eight awards to 13+ Sport Scholarship candidates. The criterion is sporting ability with preference being given to the major games of rugby, hockey and cricket for boys or hockey, netball and tennis for girls.

Parents should discuss with their child’s current sports teacher and school Head whether to apply for a Sports Scholarship. This would best take place during the Michaelmas Term of Year 8.

Invitations to Sports Scholarship Taster Days will be sent to those who have indicated an interest in applying for a Sports Scholarship. These Taster Days take place in the Lent Term of Year 8.

A Scholarship application form should be completed and returned along with the report from the candidate’s sport teacher and a current Head’s Scholarship reference by 31st January of Year 8.

Additional references from external sport bodies are also welcome. The Sports Scholarship Assessment will take the form of a practical demonstration of sporting skills
and an interview in March of Year 8. Scholarship offers are sent by the end of that March. Each Sports Scholarship is reviewed annually by the Master and the Director of Sport, who liaise closely with each Scholar’s Housemaster or Housemistress and with the Director of Studies to ensure that academic performance is being maintained alongside commitments to the sporting programme.