Gym, Rackets, Fives & Squash

Gym Complex

Our Strength and Conditioning provision is divided between three facilities:

Wattbike Studio

A fantastic elite training tool, pioneered in collaboration with Great Britain Cycling. Versatile enough to test elite athletes and beginners alike. Powerful enough to deliver the most insightful data to coaches, pupils and teams from a wider variant of sports. We utilise Wattbikes within our Strength and Conditioning programme to aid Athletic Development, track fitness levels and offer cycling sessions for a number of pupils.

Human Movement Studio

A fantastic open space with sprung flooring used to facilitate, Rehab, Yoga, Pilates, Dance and Circuits.

Performance Gym

Our state of the art Strength and Conditioning suite is kitted out with some of the most reputable pieces of equipment on the market, from Eleiko Bars and Plates to Woodway Curve and Versa Climbers. The facility has been carefully designed to help facilitate our successful Strength and Conditioning programme to help nurture and develop the next generation of adults and athletes.

Rackets Complex

Rackets has been played at the College for over 120 years, the Public Schools’ Doubles Championship being won for the first time in 1901. The complex comprises:

  • Two courts – their playing surfaces are recognised as being amongst the best in the country.
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Fives Complex

The Fives courts, originally gifted to the College by the Martineau family in 1929, were re-covered in 2001.

The floors have more recently been renovated (2011). The complex is one of a few to include facilities for more than one version of the game, namely:

  • Four Rugby Fives courts – heated
  • Two Eton Fives courts

Squash Complex

A vibrant space made up of:

  • Four squash courts – heated and regularly renovated, having most recently been done during the Summer of 2015
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  • Small gym – located next to the match court, this area contains various
    pieces of cardiovascular, free weights and core conditioning equipment, and is a useful additional space to compliment the larger main Gym
  • Two Changing rooms (with showers)

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