Marlborough is proud to welcome talented and ambitious pupils from countries all over the world and our community is enhanced greatly by this global outlook and our excellent international relationships.

Marlborough College Malaysia

Our sister school, Marlborough College Malaysia, is a fully co-educational and independent British boarding and day school located in Iskandar Puteri, Malaysia. It caters for pupils aged three to 18, within a purpose-built 90-acre site that includes an organic farm, golf driving range and lake for water sports.

Since its foundation in 2012, Marlborough College Malaysia has offered its children and young people the same world-class co-educational independent education as Marlborough College and the two schools collaborate to provide multiple opportunities for pupils and staff to enhance their global and cultural knowledge.

Darussafaka School Partnership

Darussafaka School in Istanbul, Turkey, is a school with many fascinating parallels to Marlborough. Both are full boarding, co-educational, select for academic potential and were founded at a similar time (1863 and 1843 respectively). However, at Darussafaka, the 1,000 pupils are all either orphans or have lost one parent and are from financially poor backgrounds. The school is 100% privately funded through philanthropy and corporate sponsorship. Darussafaka School and Marlborough College both provide the highest quality contemporary education and we see our collaboration benefitting pupils and staff of both schools in terms of sharing best practice and developing intercultural dialogue and understanding.

Bishop Cotton School Partnership

Bishop Cotton School in Shimla is one of the oldest schools in Asia and was the first public school in India. It was founded in 1859 by Bishop George Cotton, Master of Marlborough College (1852–58) and Bishop of Calcutta at the time. There are strong educational links between the two schools and frequent exchange visits are arranged. The most recent was in 2018 involving Shell pupils and staff. The goals of our ongoing partnership are encapsulated by a wonderful Hindi phrase: knowledge knows no boundaries and friendship no frontiers.