Marlburian Club​

All pupils who leave the College are warmly invited to join the Marlburian Club which exists to support and connect the Old Marlburian (OM) community throughout their lives.

Club members benefit from:

  • social events,  such as reunions, to keep OMs in touch with each other and the College;
  • sporting groups  so OMs can continue to represent the College;
  • the annual  Club magazine, social media feeds and the  Club website  to keep OMs updated on news from each other and the College;
  • mentoring,  professional groups  and  networking events to support their careers;
  • access to an online community, MC Global Connect, where OMs can network with each other as well as current parents; and
  • online events including the Marlburian Monday  talk series.

The Club engages with the wider College community, including pupils, parents and staff, who are able to attend certain Club events. The Club is keen, in all it does, to promote the impact of its members on society and to encourage pupils and OMs to make a difference in the world.