Our Ethos and Values

Our Ethos

Where Potential Meets Opportunity

The Marlborough College way of life is one of positive transition and growth. Children arrive here with inherent potential. Our role is to provide the opportunity for each child to find that potential within themselves and to help them to fully realise it. There is no one ‘right’ progression through Marlborough. We celebrate and take pride in the individual and unique journeys of each of our pupils. Children thrive here by taking responsibility for their own path, united by the common goals of being the best that they can be and adding the most value they can to our school community and beyond.

Our Values

These are the essential foundations of our community which enable everyone to contribute, to be valued and to fulfil their potential.


Celebrating individuality but appreciating that we move further when we move together; valuing diversity of all kinds and welcoming interaction with others; being willing and able to see the world through the  eyes of others with humanity, understanding and compassion.


To have the confidence and commitment to identify and develop our interests and talents to the full; to seek to be inspired and challenged and to be inspiring and challenging; to take responsibility for ourselves and the quality of our contribution, and pride in being the best that we can be.


The desire to make a difference to others and to strive for positive change in the wider world; to seek opportunities to have an impact and to do what is right and not necessarily what is easy.


To seek to learn from everyone and every experience; to keep asking important questions and to be fired by a genuine spirit of curiosity, endeavour and independent study; to see and embrace possibilities with an open mind and to be prepared to take action and to lead.

The Marlborough Charter

The Marlborough Charter was written by the 2020/21 Prefects and Heads of House.

Together as Marlburians…