Full Boarding

At Marlborough, we know that excellent pastoral care is fundamental to our pupils’ success and fulfilment. Primarily, this care is delivered through our boarding house system, which provides every pupil with opportunities to thrive in a supportive and inclusive community. The house pastoral teams are committed to understanding and meeting the needs of each pupil, and to guiding them through all aspects of their individual school career. The strong relationships that develop in boarding houses underpin our pupils’ confidence, independence and character. Moreover, the friendships forged there last a lifetime.

Marlborough seeks to be a speaking and a listening school. With the help of our many pupil leaders who are dedicated to supporting their peers, we prioritise a culture of openness, collaboration and empathy, in which any pupil may ask for help and know it will be provided.

Ed Nightingale

Deputy Head, Pastoral


Our 16 boarding houses are at the heart of our unrivalled system of pastoral care. Each has a genuine family atmosphere and feels very much like home within the College. We have six girls’ houses, six boys’ houses and four mixed houses, each with their own unique characteristics but all rooted in the same principles and values. 

Boarding Life

Full boarding life encourages a strong sense of community and creates friendships and connections that will last well beyond the College. In operation seven days a week and full at the weekends, Marlborough provides a rich and varied programme of creative experience around and beyond the formal curriculum. 

Pastoral Care

As a full boarding school, Marlborough is able to provide a distinctive quality of education with pastoral care at its core and we place great importance on the physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing of our pupils and staff.


Our aspiration is to be an outstanding school, where safeguarding threads through all aspects of school life. We seek to develop and improve our safeguarding policies and procedures continuously and encourage an ‘open culture’ where any concern can be raised and where all members of the College community contribute to effective safeguarding practices.

Online Safety

We work hard to ensure the safe and responsible use of digital technology so that its positive benefits can be maximised. In practice, staying safe online is as much about awareness and behaviour as it is about electronic security.