Head of Science

Dr Garry Doyle

Garry was educated in Harrow, north-west London, and read Chemistry at Queen Mary University of London, and then Imperial College, London, gaining his BSc, MSc and Diploma of the Imperial College. He completed his doctorate in synthetic inorganic chemistry at Bristol University while sponsored by Unilever, before spending a year at Christ Church, Oxford University.

Garry began his teaching career in 1997 at the Royal Grammar School, High Wycombe, where he was Assistant Housemaster and commissioned as an Army Officer in the Combined Cadet Force. He joined Marlborough in 1999 where he tutored in Turner and became Master in Charge of Shooting. Garry took the post of Head of Chemistry at Felsted School, Essex, before returning to Marlborough in 2006 as Head of Chemistry and Resident House Tutor in Turner. He was appointed Head of Science in 2014.

Garry’s main co-curricular interests centre on the Combined Cadet Force. He has been the College Shooting Officer, was appointed Commandant UK Cadets (Bisley) and has instructed at the Cadet Training Centre in Frimley Park. He holds the Cadet Services Medal with bar.