Elmhurst Housemistress

Harriet Cox

Harriet attended Eastbourne College before reading Biology at Nottingham University where she also played 1st XI hockey. She obtained her PGCE at Cambridge University in 1996 and taught at St Helen and St Katherine School, Abingdon, before moving to Bradfield College where she was Assistant Housemistress and ran girls’ hockey. In 2001, Harriet worked for Raleigh International in Patagonia before travelling extensively through South America.

She arrived at Marlborough in 2002 to teach Biology and was soon appointed RHT of Elmhurst. She has been Housemistress since September 2011. Harriet has coached hockey, netball and tennis. She enjoys skiing, running and cycling. She ran the London Marathon in April 2013 and organised a cycle ride in May 2015 in memory of her son Bobby. She recently became a governor of a prep school in Lymington.

Harriet’s husband, Paul, works in the Drama Department and they have two whippets, Beanie and Willow.