Housemistress (Acting)

Heidi Marvin

Heidi is currently Acting Housemistress of Ivy House.

She returned to Marlborough in September 2020 having spent nine years as Director of Sport at St Mary’s Calne. Heidi is currently Assistant Director of Sport and Head of Lacrosse and Girls’ Tennis.

Heidi was educated at Downe House before completing a degree in Sports Science. She then taught at Downe House and Malvern Girls before being appointed as Head of PE at Queen Anne’s Caversham. She held the position of Head of Girls’ Sport at Marlborough before joining St Mary’s Calne.

Her husband, Tim, has taught Chemistry at Marlborough since 1999 and served as Housemaster of Preshute House from 2005 to 2019, supported by Heidi.

Heidi and Tim have two daughters, one of whom is an OM and the other who is completing her A levels at Marlborough.