Head of Geography

Riccardo De Rosa

Riccardo is a graduate of Durham University where he studied Physical Geography, focusing specifically on Glaciology, Oceanography and Climate Change. These specialisms are very much commonplace in the media today and are still of great interest to him. He stayed at Durham to complete his PGCE.

He started his teaching career at Repton School in 2012 where he became Head of Department after two years. As well as departmental responsibilities, Riccardo was an Assistant Housemaster and Master in Charge of Athletics. He also assisted with the Duke of Edinburgh’s programme, coached football and hockey and was an active member of the Teaching and Learning Committee.

Riccardo is an active member of the Independent Schools’ Specialist Interest Group for Geography, which helps to inform the Royal Geographical Society and Geographical Association of challenges facing the subject.

In 2019, Riccardo became Head of Football at Marlborough and is actively raising both the standard and profile of football at the College. He is a member of the ISFA South West Regional Committee, a group focused on growing football across the independent school sector.