Full Boarding

Why Marlborough?

The greatest strengths of the school spring from the quality of the human relationships throughout the community and the sense of companionship that these engender. The full boarding environment encourages a firm sense of community and helps to develop friendships that will be sustained and be sustaining in life beyond the College.

Our sixteen Houses provide an unrivalled system of pastoral care, which seeks to promote individual and academic confidence. Marlburians come to appreciate the creative tension between independence and interdependence and they do so with dynamic effervescence and a palpable sense of fun.

The chance to live and work alongside people from varied backgrounds and countries is a genuine privilege. Pupils work with teachers, other members of the adult community and with other pupils in ways that go beyond the formulaic relationship imposed by the classroom or laboratory.

We believe that the boarding Houses of Marlborough provide the bedrock upon which supported independence and youthful fellowship can be built. Pupils learn to treat each other and all members of the community with kindness, sensitivity and respect.

Houses are staffed by teams of adults who work generously to sustain and uphold the health and happiness of young people in their care. We seek partnership with parents, based upon agreed values which elevate the well-being and prospects of young Marlburians. Housemasters and Housemistresses are supported by Resident Tutors, Dames and Tutors. Each pupil meets regularly with a Personal Tutor who provides age-specific guidance. Houses vary in character, composition and location but they all share the central ethos of our community.

The working week at Marlborough is full and weekends offer a rich programme of structured activities, social occasions and other recreational opportunities.