G D M Lane | Housemaster C3

Housemasters and Housemistresses

George Lane was educated at Dean Close School, Cheltenham and went to Exeter University where he obtained a first class honours degree in Exercise and Sports Sciences (BSc). After a period in Canada, he taught for three years at King Edward’s School, Witley in Surrey where he worked as an Assistant Housemaster as well as Master i/c cricket.

He has been a member of the Common Room at Marlborough since September 2006 as a teacher of Physical Education and Mathematics, and was Resident House Tutor in Cotton for over six years. He has been heavily involved in the co-curricular programme throughout his time at the College, coaching in all three major boys’ games. He is passionate about most sport, particularly cricket and golf. George has been Head of Shell since leaving Cotton in September 2014, giving him responsibility for the pastoral and logistical overview of this yeargroup.

George is married to Joss and they have two young children, Freddie and William. The whole family is looking forward very much to becoming part of the C3 community.