Generosity of Spirit

Why Marlborough?

Responsibilities and Service

We recognise that we form a privileged community and that privilege entails responsibility. Our pupils are expected to be ambitious to develop their potential as fully as they can as scholars, artists, actors, musicians, athletes, friends, neighbours and citizens. They are encouraged to make the most of the opportunities open to them and to accept responsibility for their own progress. They are asked to look beyond Marlborough and to understand their responsibilities to broader communities and a wider society.

Opportunities for service, particularly for pupils in the Hundred and above, are rich and varied. Our partnership with the Swindon Academy has led to the creation of academic mentoring schemes in Maths and Sciences and regular support for primary school readers, as well as the sharing of adventure training and creative writing experiences.

The work of pupil-led Charity Think Tank gives a structured, sustainable framework for charitable initiatives. As well as ongoing awareness, this has led to pupil-driven day-long Charity ‘spectaculars’ where massed pupil participation bears witness not only to the stamina, inventiveness and exuberant creativity of the young, but also to their compassion and commitment. Such work is also given a formal recognition through the Community, Action and Service programme and through the Outreach programme in which every pupil takes part.


We are conscious of our duty to equip young people to exercise leadership not as an expression of personal ambition but as a form of service to others.

Marlburians across generations have a strong record of leadership in many spheres of human endeavour. Current pupils are offered opportunities to prepare themselves for these responsibilities through community service, the Combined Cadet Force, Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme, captaincy of teams, debating, public speaking, positions of leadership within boarding houses and school-wide roles as prefects, sacristans, charity representatives and in running societies. We also value quiet leadership: living and working within the College community as an example to others of incarnate integrity.


Education cannot be complete without a considered approach to spiritual life. We hope to equip young people with a spiritual vocabulary which will enable them to explore the world beyond the prison of selfhood and which will enable them to make their own way towards faith.

We are a Christian community. We are an Anglican foundation and many of our pupils opt to be confirmed as members of the Church of England; we are also proud of the pupils who belong to other denominations and religions or who engage seriously with philosophical, ethical and spiritual questions. Discussion of these matters is lively, important and, at times, passionate.